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Wes Stephenson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and is steeped in the rich music scene there. He has played professionally for 20+ years and the bass guitar has taken him all over the world. He has played, recorded, and toured with amazing artists such as The Funky Knuckles, Mark Lettieri, Bernard Wright, Erykah Badu, Larry Carlton, Bishop Gary Oliver, R.C. And the Gritz, Ghost Note, and Lucky Peterson. He is a founding member of The Funky Knuckles and has written and coproduced on all four of the Knucks records.


After the pandemic became the new reality Wes, like so many musicians, was worried about what was going to become of his profession and career. Not one to be idle though he decided that there was no better time than the present to start working on a record of his own. In Progress is jam packed with some of the music industries most talented musicians. “They really did make the record what it is”

In Progress Personnel:

  1. Buster (Gods Been Good To Me)/ TaRon Locket: drums, Bobby Sparks: keyboards
  2. Wheel In a Wheel/ Frank Moka: drums and percussion, Isaiah Sharkey: guitar, Jonathan Scales: Steel Pan
  3. Renee/ Ben Bohorquez: flute, Mark Lettieri: guitar and mandolin, Frank Moka: percussion
  4. To the Moon/ Cedric Moore: drums, Adam Ledbetter: vocals
  5. LiQ/ Jonathan Mones: saxophone (solo), Ben Bohorquez: saxophone (background horns), R.C. Williams: keyboards, Cedric Moore: Drums, Mark Lettieri: guitar
  6. Sleepy Candy/ Nicholas Semrad: keyboards, Cedric Moore: drums, Mark Lettieri: guitar, Terrye and Jordan Moore: BVGS
  7. MJPTB/ Todd Parsnow: guitar, Jason “JT” Thomas: drums

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