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Born in Gilmer, Texas on October 27th, 1939, Benny, the younger, bass-playing brother of Freddie King, has made the blues his business for over six decades. Touring the world as a sideman throughout his sixty-plus year career, Turner recently appeared for the first time as a bandleader. Whether as a highlight at the 25th Anniversary Lucerne Blues Festival in Switzerland, or as the honoree at the inaugural Lone Star Blues and Heritage Festival in his home state, Turner still thrills his audience.

Now, in honor of Black History Month, Benny brings us “Who Sang It First,” a co-write with Pennsylvania songwriter Jim George based on his original composition, “Black Is Beautiful.” George describes his original song as a “tribute to all the black pioneers and artists who have paved the way, invented the music and enriched all our lives.”

“‘Who Sang It First,’ is about blues history, which is black history,” Turner told us. “Shooting the music video in East Texas honors my personal history too. As a young boy in Gilmer I rode on the cotton sack with my brother when he picked cotton. Recently I celebrated my 80th birthday at Salmon Lake Park in Grapeland. I’m proud to bring all of that history together to share an important message: never forget who sang it first and why!”


Benny Turner - Bass and Vocals

Will McFarlane - Guitar

Jack Miele - 2nd guitar

Clayton Ivey - Wurlitzer

Joe Krown - Organ

Justin Holder - Drums

Tiffany Pollack and Kassie Netherland Miele - Background Vocals

Written by James George and Benny Turner

Produced by Benny Turner

Engineered by John Gifford III at FAME Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Miele

VIDEO FOOTAGE: East Texas, birthplace of Benny Turner (Gilmer; 1939) *Cotton fields owned by PPF Gin & Warehouse, LLC (Cooper, TX) *Enloe, Texas *Salmon Lake Park (Grapeland, TX)

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