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Stefan Sandman - Half Heard Voices - Live Photo 2

Half Heard Voices is an American progressive metal band founded in Frederick, Maryland. Originated in 2019, the group comprises singer Alex Conner, guitarists Dillon Baird and Jeremy Sabine, bassist Stefan Sandman, and drummer Patrick Firestein. To date, the group have released three EPs (2019's Dissidence, 2021's Twelve Way War, and 2021's Live Sessions) and various singles. 

The group's sonics treat the user to a myriad of ambient guitar harmonies and clean vocals, then quickly transition into a barrage of riff-driven discord.  

In this video, Sandman displays his bass work on the single "Withered Sun," where he uses his heavy pick attack and Music Man Stingray 5-string to generate some big riffs and even bigger tones.   

Stefan Sandman:

Stefan Sandman is both bassist and co-producer of the American Progressive Metal band Half Heard Voices. Also a Berklee College of Music graduate, Sandman has made music education, live performance, along with songwriting and recording, his life's work.

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