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Fender is expanding the Player Plus Series with one of the most-searched electric series globally and one of the best-selling lines in Fender history, the Player Plus Meteora Active Bass, giving players super massive sound and heavier tones. 

The Meteora is the latest addition to the Player Plus Series, an extension of the Player Series, which is one of the most-searched series of electrics globally and one of the best-selling lines in Fender history. Adopted by a wide-range of players, the series has since become the industry-standard for accessible guitars. The unveiling of the Meteora exemplifies Fender’s evolutionary innovation and ethos of honoring its celebrated past while looking to the future. The legacy of Fender instruments mirrors the course of the collective legacy of the artists who play them. A completely new shape for a Fender guitar, the legacy of the Meteora has yet to be claimed by an artist, genre or era. The future lies completely in the hands of an inspired new generation of players that evoke extraordinary creativity, energy, vibe and tangible style.

Unlike iconic Fender models, the Meteora has not been claimed by a notable artist yet. The legacy of Fender instruments mirrors the course of the collective legacy of the artists who play them - the Stratocaster® and its legendary history in the hands of Jimi Hendrix or Bruce Springsteen and his treasured Telecaster® that famously graces the cover of his masterpiece album, Born To Run. As a completely new shape for a Fender guitar or bass, Fender is putting the future in the hands of this new generation of players. With classic Fender style, advanced features and stunning new finishes, the Player Plus Meteora® is the perfect tool to spark creativity and allow artists to stand out from the crowd.

To announce the launch of the new model, Fender has tapped artists and creators that synonymously reflect a perfect storm of unexpected elements, such as experimental pop band Japanese Breakfast helmed by Michelle Zauner, rapper Teezo Touchdownrecognized for his larger-than-life persona and blend of pop punk and trap sounds and, “Fed Up” artist Ghostmane known for merging elements of heavy metal, hip-hop and industrial music. Indie rock crooners and Fender gear fanatics, Portugal. The Man will support by performing hit tracks on tour like “Feel it Still” while jamming on a Player Plus Meteora® as well.

Player Plus Meteora® HH and Player Plus Active Meteora® Bass, expertly crafted in Ensenada, Mexico, are meticulously refined and designed to deliver next-level performance from the studio to stage and beyond. Blending top-notch features of the iconic Telecaster® and Jazzmaster® models, the addition of Player Plus Meteora® HH and Player Plus Active Meteora® Bass offer a modern twist on Fender’s classic geometry. The Player Plus Meteora is upgraded with key features that eliminate obstacles to the player, appealing to the high-gain, high-performance artist that possesses an appetite to play even louder and longer.

Top highlights include:

Advanced features showcasing distinctive style, promoting a longer, comfortable playing experience, including:

Modern “C” Neck with Rolled Edges with a discerning moderate depth and softened edges.

12” Radius Fretboard provides a flatter playing surface that allows more aggressive bending without "choking out."

Medium Jumbo Frets allow players to fret and bend notes easier, ideal for high speed playing.

Modern Nut Width for intricate and precise picking patterns.

Pristine super-massive sound features to amplify playing experience, including:

Player Plus® “Fireball” Humbucking Pickups™ produce powerful, thick tones with reduced hum.

Advanced Switching Options for easy access to a wide array of tonal possibilities.

High-performance Bridges deliver smoother, more precise tremolo action and modern feel in the Player Plus Meteora® HH and provide improved sustain, stability and intonation in the Player Plus Meteora® Bass.

Locking Tuners (on Meteora HH only) give players impeccable tuning stability and make string changes seamless.

Active Bass Preamp provides versatility of both passive and active modes and easy-to-use controls giving players a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Gradient Burst Finishes featuring intense vibrant space-age colors emulating ‘80’s nostalgia, the Meteora demands immediate attention. Colorways include Belaire Blue, 3-Color Sunburst, Cosmic Jade, Silverburst, Tequila Sunrise and Opal Spark.

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