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Bass veteran, producer, instructor, Bass Magazine contributing editor, and all around guru of everything low end Jonathan Herrera is making the most of his lockdown time by teaching lessons, producing artists, and putting together awesome videos like this one below. 

From Jonathan: Sitting in my studio under quarantine, I thought I would try 18 basses (a few suprise "basses" in there) on one track. Which one is your favorite?? 

The bass guitars, in order: Fender Pino P, MusicMan StingRay, Moollon B524, 1968 Matsumoku Short-scale, Citron AE5 Swallow, 1967 Guild Starfire, 1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Callowhill MDM, F Bass BN5, Serek Midwestern, Moollon J-Classic V, Fender Mustang, Strandberg Boden, Fender American Original '50s Precision

And the synths: Roland Juno-106, Roland JX-8P, and Moog Minitaur

Electric upright: Warwick Triumph

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