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GK artist Thad Johnson came by the studio while on tour with Jonathan McReynolds to check out the Fusion 800S and NEO IV 212. Part two is a playthough of the song "Undefeated" by Kenny Lewis & One Voice. Thad showcases some more of his amazing gospel chops, sitting deep in the pocket throughout the entire tune. He has the "Bass Bump" engaged, along with the "Modern Voicing" filter engaged on the Trim. He's also boosting his Hi-Mids and Treble, creating some tubey goodness while maintaining the classic GK growl and definition.  

Matt Ramsey also stopped by the studio while on the Kingdom Tour with Kirk Franklin and Maverick City to check out the Legacy 800 and NEO IV 410. Part 1 features some of Matt's incredible playing and showcases the Legacy 800's classic GK growl and tight articulate response through the NEO IV 410 cabinet. Matt has the contour engaged and the high-mid completely off. Everything else is set flat. 

Recorded and mixed in Portland, Oregon at Destination Universe by Victor Nash Shot, Directed, Edited By: Forest Gallien

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