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From Evan: Here's a look into the bass part that I recorded for the new Tigran Hamasyan song "Levitation 21"

For this video, I recorded with the same equipment that I used while recording with Tigran. Using Boss OC2 octave pedal and Fulltone OCD distortion pedal. Ken Smith bass strung up with my GHS 'Evan Marien Signature' strings. The only difference would be that I recorded my bass and pedals direct into the preamps of an SSL mixing desk for the album. For this video, I recorded using the direct out of my Markbass NanoMark300 into a Focusrite Clarett. 

Breakdown of how I think of the tune: 

The piece is in 21/16. It stays in 21/16 for the whole song for me. The groupings to get to the 21 change section to section. 

My parts during the first 3 sections (0:05 - 1:06) are subdivided as: 8/16 8/16 5/16 8+8+5 = 21/16 

My parts during the melody sections (1:07-1:15) are subdivided as: 8/16 6/16 7/16 8+6+7 = 21/16 

After the breakdown, my parts in the section (2:31- 3:14) are subdivided as: 5/16 5/16 5/16 6/16 5+5+5+6 - 21/16 

My outro part (starting at 3:15) is subdivided as: 6/16 5/16 5/16 5/16 6+5+5+5 = 21/16 

The drums are playing 14 x 6/16 with a backbeat (big 7) I think that covers just about everything. 

A very challenging but fun tune to play and I'm really excited for everyone to hear the rest of the album! 

Tigran's new album (feat. myself and Arthur Hnatek on drums) comes out August 28th 2020 on Nonesuch records. 

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If anyone would like to know more, book a lesson at and we can dive deeper into rhythms and harmony together. 

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