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From Bryan: I freely admit that I have been reluctant to join the growing mountain of video content (lots of it quite good, btw!) being generated during our days in quarantine. After all, I’ve been shouting at the top of my digital lungs about “Scenes From The Flood” and the latest Aristocrats album “You Know What” (both 2019 releases) for almost a year now. So I was taking a comfy step back from all that content generation and marketing energy…and then my friends at D’Addario asked me to make a quick video clip for their “Tasty Licks” series and its great charitable cause (donation of face shields that D’Addario is making for medical frontliners). So I got my act together and video’d myself re-playing the bass solo from “Bunkistan” against the original tracks, and there it was - my very first video play-thru content of anything from “Scenes From The Flood”. It posted on D'Addario's social networking channels over Memorial Day weekend, along with great clips from Scott Ian of Anthrax, Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick, Alex Skolnick of Testament, Plini, Lari Basilio, and other talented folks. Many thanks to Big D for including me in such a fine effort. 

But making this video on short notice made me want to tell you something else: I am actually planning on doing full-song play-thru videos for two songs on “Scenes From The Flood”. I don’t want to spoil which songs they are (they’re probably not the ones you think) or how I’m going to do it, other than to say that I really want the final product to be different than what’s been floating around out there. You know me - it takes me a while to do stuff, but hopefully it’s worth the wait in the end. I just want it to stand the test of time. So I’ll be working on that over the next few weeks (months?) and look forward to sharing it with you when the time is right. 

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