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Victor Wooten's 2nd book The Spirit of Music will be released next Tuesday! Join Victor on Facebook Live this Monday evening, Feb 1 as he discusses the book and answers your questions! Mark your calendars and share this with your friends and family!

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About the Book

We may not realize it as we listen to the soundtrack of our lives through tiny earbuds, but music and all that it encompasses is disappearing all around us. In this fable-like story, three musicians from around the world are mysteriously summoned to Nashville, the Music City, to join together with Victor to do battle against the "Phasers," whose blinking "music-cancelling" headphones silence and destroy all musical sound. Only by coming together, connecting, and making the joyful sounds of immediate, "live" music can the world be restored to the power and spirit of music.

The book will be released on Tuesday, February 2nd. 

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