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Want to spice up the season with a taste of the fantastic unknown? This Mystery Box contains an instrument from an independent maker—built with love and ready to refresh your rig with a sense of childlike wonder.

In the box with your item, you'll find an introduction to the special Reverb seller who hand-crafted it. All Mystery Box instruments range in value from $38 to $95 USD (£28 - £69)—so no matter what surprise awaits, you'll be getting a great deal on a quality instrument. Limit one per person.

To promote this, Reverb is now doing the Mystery Box Challenge. The premise is simple: every Thursday this holiday season, Reverb has tasked a different artist to make music with an instrument totally unfamiliar to them. Victor Wooten’s epic attempt was no different, as he unboxed and experimented with the hand-held electronic bow for his bass guitar.

In the spirit of the Mystery Box, a donation equal to the amount of money raised from this shop will be donated to Brooklyn-based youth music education organization Willie Mae Rock Camp to support and inspire the next generation of music makers.

Sales on Reverb help support the Reverb Gives program, which provides youth music programs all over the world with the instruments they need to make music.

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