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Join Victor Wooten for The Spirit of Music Book Club, a 5-night event that will provide you with an in depth look into Victor's newly released groundbreaking novel and audiobook The Spirit of Music: The Lesson Continues. This is a very unique opportunity with the author - an experience you've probably never had and may never have again. Have all of your questions answered. Learn information and insights that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else unless you had written the book yourself.

This program will run for five consecutive Monday nights beginning June 28th and ending on July 26, 2021. Each evening will last two hours and will cover 4 Measures (Chapters) and will also feature special guests including people who inspired the characters and/or who were the voices on the audiobook. Held in conjunction with Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey's new website This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

We recommend that you read, re-read, or listen to The Spirit of Music as well as Victor's first book The Music Lesson prior to attending.

For more and to register: Click Here