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Uriah Duffy has made a career of playing bass and musical directing for successful artists such as Whitesnake, Alicia Keys, Prince, Goapale, The Family Stone, Too $hort, Liv Warfield, Starship, Christina Aguilera, Fantastic Negrtio, Ceelo Green, and many more. Now the bay area bassist is diving into creating a solo of his album of his own music featuring various talent from his history as a sideman, including the legendary players from Graham Central Station. 

Duffy has created an indiegogo campaign to help fund the project, and recently released the video below:

From Uriah: I am Uriah Duffy, a bass player and musical director from Oakland California and I am finally ready to record my first album. I have some of the Bay Areas most talented musicians ready to hit the studio with me to record some of my original music for your ears!

Kicking off this project, on Friday January 17th, in Anaheim CA, I am about to perform with the band from Graham Central Station backing me up with some of my original music. This will take place at the Bass Hang during the NAMM music convention and after we return to the bay we will be hitting the studio hard. Come check us out and let me thank you in person.

In order for this album to happen there are some things I need your help with right now: pick a perk and contribute, then spread the word. I would be honored to feel your love and support in this dream of mine.

Music is my life! Being able to record original music with the guys from Graham Central Station is a dream come true. I will finally get to hear the music in my head come to life and move my career forward into the great unknown. I have been in the studio a thousand times recording other peoples music. Now it’s my turn. I can’t wait to work with these incredibly talented musicians.

There is no greater joy then making music. I am passionate about my experiences as a bass player and everything I have played thus far has provided me with the skills I have to let the music flow thru me. In short, this album is happening! 

Support Uriah's album here: Uriah Duffy