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Photo by Hector Perez 

Photo by Hector Perez 

New York City female fronted rock band The Silk War, who’ve recently drawn comparisons to Blondie and The Cure, has released their debut full-length studio album, Come Evening. Produced, engineered, and mixed by the band’s guitarist James Mullen, the thought-provoking 11-track collection is inspired by the quintet’s love for the arts and New York that touches upon deep topics ranging from bullying and self-worth to gun control and empowerment and so much more. Come Evening includes the previously released singles “Slender Slander,” “Barcelona,” “Blue Hour” and “Velvet.”  


“Each song on Come Evening takes on a mind of its own, however, there is a constant overarching, all-encompassing veil of darkness that is impossible for us to ever avoid,” shares The Silk War. “There is this magnetic pull between our cinematic tendencies and chronic melancholy and self-doubt that we fully realized on this record. We hope to connect with the listener whose tendencies lean towards awareness of self, a re-imagining of despair.” 

The Silk War, named an “Artist You Need To Hear in May” by Alternative Press, soundtracks nighttime with their patented post-wave sound, threading together transmissions of nocturnal alternative, gothic electro, punk energy, and cinematic production. The electrifying five-piece band — Alexandra Blair [singer, lyricist], James Mullen [guitar, songwriter, producer], Angelo Miliano [keyboards], Josh O’Guinn [bass], and Andrew Mega [drums] — dive into the dark on Come Evening, creating music for the disaffected, those who feel different or alienated, with a message of hope. 

Come Evening opens with the haunting “Little Souls” about sweeping the insignificant people, those filled with undeserved entitlement and ego and don’t add to humanity, under the rug. Lead single “Blue Hour,” named for the 10-minute twilight between night and day, is about staying up all night, often on a bender, and immersing in debauchery, whether alone or around others. To see the blue hour is to live in waiting; waiting for someone to make your life better because you don’t know how. Hinging on a swinging piano offset by strings and sweeping guitar, “Barcelona” is about dating someone who loves to relive their past, making it impossible to build a future with them. Neon 80s-style synths wobble as a snappy riff cuts through the steady beat on “Slender Slander.” The danceable shake belies a deeper meaning as the track takes on gun control, written in response to the Parkland School shooting. “Velvet,” initially released in 2019 as the first taste of original music from The Silk War, is an anti-bullying anthem for the misunderstood, proving that, in time, to be different is to be extraordinary. Come Evening concludes with the somber acoustic sendoff of “Sylvia,” written as a letter to Sylvia Plath asking for help, pleading to be understood. Full track listing for Come Evening below. 

Serendipity first brought Alexandra and James together in 2017. In between engineering for bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Interpol, James simultaneously formulated the concept of a band in his mind over the years. Introduced to Alexandra by a mutual friend, they unlocked immediate chemistry. Bonding over an inherent darkness, Sylvia Plath’s diaries and The Bell Jar, the two were instantly glued together in the studio working on what would become The Silk War. Fusing together anesthetized synths with glassy guitars and shadowy ponderances, they unlocked a signature sound. After building buzz throughout NYC with packed shows at Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge, The Vinyl Room at Soho House, and more, the quintet carefully tweaked and tinkered with what would become Come Evening. 

Come Evening Track Listing 

1. Little Souls 

2. Barcelona 

3. Blue Hour

4. Velvet  

5. Lark Mirror 

6. Slender Slander 

7. Second Age 

8. New York (You’re My Religion) 

9. Agora Phobia 

10. My Familiar 

11. Sylvia 

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