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Famed TV host Chip Bird has made some very bad life choices: With his career, substance abuse, and his marriage all in the toilet, for all too long he has been living what he calls, "the hard life". Now, in a mid-broadcast meltdown, he says: "Goodbye to the Hard Life." 

“I recently learned Chip is doing great, he even said his epiphany got more views than his show ever did.” – bass player Alex Stiff

“My mom stayed up late to watch this.” – drummer Marc Cazorla

“I was just concentrating on singing in falsetto until I looked over and Chip was hugging my bass player.” – singer Chris Vos

According to the band: The term “Hard Life” refers to the difficult life patterns and ruts humans fall into, such as negative relationships, substance abuse, or dead-end career paths. The moment you realize you've been living the “hard life” for far too long, is the moment you are ready to turn your life around. “Goodbye to the Hard Life” is that exact moment you turn your life around for the better and start over. It’s about new beginnings, and in this case Chip Bird's new lease on life.