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In his rapidly rising career, Brandon Brown has made a name for himself playing with the likes of Fergie, Jessica Simpson, The Jacksons, Isaac Hayes, and Stevie Wonder. The red hot bassist has now released a live album with his own band, The Brandon Brown Collective, with the three-song EP Live at The Sanctuary

Recorded in 2021 during a concert at Los Angeles venue The Sanctuary, the EP serves as a fantastic sample of the soulful, funky, and grooving sound of the collective, which is a led by the thunderous bass playing of Brown. 

Featuring the tracks "Hey Lover," "Forever Love," and "What You On," the EP is a great introduction for fans who aren't yet familiar with the Collective or with Brown's remarkable playing. 

The band features:

Brandon Brown - Bass

Stanley Randolph - Drums

Mackenzie - Lead Vocals 

Alayna Rodgers - Vocals

Alana Linsey - Vocals

Toneia Rodgers - Vocals

Errol Cooney - Guitar

Noah Hernandez - Guitar

Kyle Bolden - Guitar

Hailey Niswanger - Sax/Flute

Xavier Taplin - Keys

"What You On" features The Smoking' Horns Peter Ortega (Sax), Chris Gray (Trumpet), Chris "T-Bone" Johnson (trombone)

Mastered by: Chad Wright

Mixed by: Stanley Randolph

Cover Art: Mayha Hatcher 

Steam and Download the EP: Here