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Théo Zipper’s new album ‘Impromptu’ is a collection of improvisations, recorded in one night only.

Alone with his instrument and a bunch of electronic gear, the bass player creates the soundtrack of his mind exploring obsessive loops, meditative improvisations, and ambiant vibes. Theses long-form tracks invite us to take time, and to have a look into the creative process of the musician.

Théo says, "I wanted to slow things and to capture what really happen from the inside. Trance, contemplation, doubts, even mistakes. When I perform this particular music I don’t try to reach a specific goal, that climax thing. Is there a climax in life ? I see it more like a long crescendo until the end. As we say, the road can be more important than the destination."

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Brussels-based musician, bassist & composer, raised in France by an architect father and a painter mother. Shape and movement have always been a fascination for him.

Now settled in Belgium, Théo take parts in an electric bunch of projects as leader or sideman from jazz to electronic and world music. More details about Théo’s journey can be found on