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From Snarky Puppy: With the spotlight on Snarky Puppy from our recent Grammy nomination for Live at the Royal Albert Hall, we've been trying to find various ways to bring awareness and show gratitude to touring crews, venues and the current state of the live industry. One of those mechanisms has been through playlists the band and organization have curated on and giving 50% of the proceeds to our crew, but we've now found a visual way to represent this.

Bill Laurance and our tour manager drove down to the Royal Albert Hall this week in London to record Bill playing "Shofukan" alone. We wanted to contrast the current empty venue with the sold out one from just over a year ago. 

"The room looks a little different than it did this time last year. Strength and love to all of the venues and crews around the world who make live music happen for all of us, band and audience, each and every night." - Michael League Edited by Chris McQueen Filmed by Jody Hartley and Rosanna Freedman (December 16th, 2020) 

Resources to support touring crews and venues: 

From now until January 31st, 2021, 50% of the proceeds from will be donated to the Snarky Puppy Crew. Additionally, all purchases made during this time will receive an MP3 download of GroundUP Music's 2021 Grammy-nominated artists, including: 'Live at the Royal Albert Hall' - Snarky Puppy (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album) 'WONDERBLOOM' - Becca Stevens (featuring “Slow Burn” nominated for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals)