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A few words from Justin Stanton & Michael League about the 2nd single from the new Snarky Puppy record "Immigrance"

Justin: "'Bad Kids to the Back' is a reference to the group of guys who gravitate towards the rear of the van or bus in our years on the road. One of the keys to the longevity of the band has been the mutual respect and tolerance of everyone’s personalities. I tried to reflect that balance through the ways various sections interact with each other. Whereas Immigrance is a statement about tolerance and acceptance on a macro and global level, 'Bad Kids' is a reflection of that idea within the band."

Michael: "After making so many videos over the years of the band playing live, I wanted to do something different with this one without abandoning the thread we’ve had running for so long. I remember seeing 'Waking Life' in college and thinking how much I’d love to rotoscope a live performance. 'Bad Kids To The Back' was perfect for this, especially considering the triple drum solo at the end. I encouraged Michaël to go as far as he wanted to in terms of making the video trippy/left of center, and I loved seeing what he came up with. He’s such a talented artist and the fact that he’s a musician made all the difference."