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Sigur Rós proudly announce a remastered reissue of () in celebration of the record’s 20th anniversary. Remastered by legendary engineer Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound, the album arrives digitally on October 27th while the physical comes out November 25th; in addition to unheard material, the physical set will include other rarities and demos for fans to enjoy. “Dauðalagið” (The Death Song) serves as the first single.

Recorded in an empty swimming pool in Álafoss, Iceland, ( ) arose from what Sigur Rós refer to as a period of “exploration and expectation.” Rather than simplify their concepts to appeal to their now-worldwide audience, the band took their mystery even further, creating a whole new language: Hopelandic. The remastered album includes unheard studio sessions of existing tracks and two B-Sides from the original “Untitled 1” single.  

The news comes in the wake of a fruitful era for Sigur Rós fans. In 2020, the band formally released Odin’s Raven Magic, a live recording of their mythic 2002 orchestral performance between Sigur Rós and Icelandic legends Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen, Páll Guðmundsson, and Maria Huld MarkanSigfúsdóttir, while 2021 saw the reissue of their long out-of-print fifth album, Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008). With the return of keyboardist KjartanSveinsson after a decade’s absence, they embarked on their current world tour, where every show still closes on ( )’s “Untitled #8” (Popplagið).

Showing no signs of breaking their prolific streak, Sigur Rós will release their new album in 2023.

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Sigur Rós ( ) Remastered (Krunk)


1. “Untitled #1” — “Vaka” (The name of Orri's daughter)

2. “Untitled #2” — “Fyrsta” (The first song)

3. “Untitled #3” — “Samskeyti” (Attachment)

4. “Untitled #4” — “Njósnavélin’ (The Spy Machine)

5. “Untitled #5” — “Alafoss” (The location of the band's studio)

6. “Untitled #6” — “E-bow” [Georg uses an E-bow on this song]

7. “Untitled #7” — “Dauðalagið” (The Death Song)

8. “Untitled #8” — “Popplagið” (The Pop Song)

9. “Untitled #7” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*

10. “Untitled #6” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*

11. “Untitled #8” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*

12. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 1 (Small Disc 1)*

13. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 2 (Small Disc 2) *

14. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 3 (Small Disc 3) *