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Bassist Shane Lentz released his second album, The Solitude of Discovery, on Feb. 26 through digital media outlets worldwide, including for free on Bandcamp. The album includes seven original tracks and was recorded at Studio 344 in Pittsburgh. Prior to the release of The Solitude of Discovery, Lentz debuted three music videos for the songs "As the Ice Thaws," “A Tenseless Existence,” and “Shade the Stars” on his YouTube channel.

“For my second solo album, I wanted to bring a full band sound to some of the tracks while still keeping the bass front and center,” said Lentz. “I had the opportunity to work with two of my previous bandmates, Dustin McCormick on drums and Kyle Purtell on guitar, which brought a whole new element to the project.”

Lentz is known for highlighting technical playing with post-rock influences. He focuses on putting the bass as the lead instrument to showcase the low end of the spectrum through creative techniques and song structures. He released his first solo album, Reverse Horizons, in 2014 and served as the bassist for Kamikabe, hear, hear!, Ys, and Cabaret Runaway. He has also done notable session work, including an appearance on Jeff Loomis’s 2012 album Plains of Oblivion, which reached the top 200 on five U.S. Billboard charts.

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