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Reigning from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, “Tough Crowd” was written, engineered and produced by the group’s bassist, Sam Smith. Years of playing with artists such as John Bendy, Aubrey Haddard, Corey Glover, Decora, Mike Bendy and others have culminated into the wide spread sonic landscape Art Thief has presented.

Described as, “If Jaco was into Randy Newman,” the group’s new release offers Sam Smith an opportunity to present new and old takes on the role of the bass guitar. Sub bass rumbles, layered bass solos, lush chordal playing, and bass driven vocoding are a few of the cornerstones of “Tough Crowd.”

Combined with lyrics that are part Claypool, part science fiction, harmonies layered with color, and a James Brown enthusiasm, “Tough Crowd” is an instant earworm, and Art Thief is a musical force to be reckoned with.

With unending support from the other musicians on this release creates an experience from front to back. With Joe Spinelli, Jeremy Truitt, and Bryan Kopchak sharing drum duties, Andrew Jordan and Damien Jackson harnessing the guitar, Bryan Ponton tickling ivories, Steve Frieder on horns, Daniel Frankhuzien on cello, Aubrey Haddard and Julia Green on vocals, and Sam Smith on bass, guitar, keys, vocoder and vocals, the gangs all here.

With a schedule of live streams ahead of them, and a wave of art themed music videos being unveiled to promote their release, Art Thief is ready to make some noise with “Tough Crowd”.

Sam Smith is endorsed by: MTD, Fodera, Dunlop and Labella Strings, Trickfish Amplification

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