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Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players-Vol2

Ryan Madora has just released a follow-up to her 2020 eBook titled, Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players. Now available on her website, Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players, Vol. II features a series of exercises to help you break away from simply playing the root note.

Each chapter focuses on a chord progression that you’re likely to find in popular music. It demonstrates how to use arpeggios, scales, and register choices to navigate the changes and apply basic theory knowledge. The exercises can be put to use whether you’re jamming, composing parts, or analyzing musical choices on a recording.

“I received a great response from the first eBook, which is available as a free download on my website,” says Madora. “Volume two builds upon these musical concepts and shows you how to construct bass lines bit by bit.”

Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players, Vol. II can be purchased from Ryan’s online store. The download includes TAB, notation, and audio examples for all exercises, as well as backing tracks for you to practice along to.

To celebrate release week, the new eBook and the Vol. I and II eBook Bundle can be purchased for 10% off with the discount code: BASSIMPROV

“My goal is to help people feel comfortable on the instrument, especially when it comes to jamming or playing in a band. These concepts can be applied to all styles of music; they are meant to provide you with creativity and confidence for navigating the fretboard.”

Video lessons to accompany the book can be found on her YouTube Channel.

About Ryan:

Ryan Madora is a Nashville-based producer, writer, educator, and bass player. The current bassist for guitar virtuoso, Robben Ford, she’s a highly sought-after session player and the musical director for country icon Bobby Bones. An educator at heart, Ryan teaches privately and contributes monthly columns to No Treble and Bass Player Magazine. She is the author of Bass Players To Know: Learning From The Greats and frequently shares lessons on her YouTube channel and Patreon Page.

Visit to purchase Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players, Vol. II