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For the aspiring musician, knowing what to listen to is just as important as knowing what to play. Bass player and writer Ryan Madora provides the reader with exactly that—a guide to listening and learning from the greats. Shining the spotlight on players who are too often confined to the background, this book highlights the session aces, band members, and career musicians whose bass lines have permeated popular culture. Madora discusses the nuances of bass playing and the stylistic choices behind classic records, top-forty hits, and funky deep cuts.

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An invaluable resource for professionals and hobbyists alike, Bass Players To Know features players who have contributed to the evolution of the instrument, including Ray Brown, Jack Bruce, Cliff Burton, Duck Dunn, Louis Johnson, Edgar Meyer, Willie Weeks, and many others.

“It’s all about digging deep. This book assumes that you’ve heard of the players that are frequently featured or referenced in the bass media and that you’re ready to diversify your musical palette.”

Based on the long-running column series on No Treble, the book presents thirty-five players in an easy-to-read format. Each chapter provides a brief introduction, a concise biography to note the players’ career highlights, a discussion of their individual style, and three listening examples from their recorded catalogue. To accompany the book, Madora has created a Spotify playlist so that readers can easily reference the songs mentioned.

“I’m hoping that Bass Players To Know will allow people to discover the records that will ultimately shape their musical identity,” says Madora. “When I was a teenager, watching the movie Standing In The Shadows Of Motown did that for me. It inspired me to grab my bass, play for hours, and realize how I wanted to sound on the instrument. I hope this book will speak to people in a similar way.”

Ryan Madora is a Nashville-based writer, educator, and bass player. In addition to writing for the online bass publication No Treble since 2011, her touring credits include guitar virtuoso Robben Ford and country music icon Bobby Bones.

Available on Amazon as a paperback on November 26, 2019. It will be released as an eBook in early 2020.

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