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12 Bar Blues Cover Image

Brought to you by one of Nashville’s tightest rhythm sections, the 12 Bar Blues Survival Pack includes everything you need to know before stepping on stage at a blues jam or for joining a band. Made by a rhythm section, for a rhythm section, this package is made for both drummers and bass players looking to expand their knowledge of blues.

The Survival Pack prepares you to play twelve essential feels, including shuffles, slow blues, funky blues, rumbas, and more. It includes an overview of the twelve-bar blues progression and common terminology, references to standard tunes, bass TAB and notation, drum notation, full band tracks, and jam tracks for each instrument. It also features “pro tips” from both perspectives so you can learn what each player listens to and how they respond to what the other is doing.

After years of playing sessions together and touring with blues legend Robben Ford, bassist Ryan Madora and Grammy award-winning drummer Derrek Phillips have collaborated to bring you this unique learning experience. Geared toward the beginner to intermediate player, this package is a must-have for anyone hoping to learn the essentials of authentic blues.

Price: $24.99

Sale Price: $19.99 ($5 off) through April 15th

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