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From Roger Sadowsky: 

Hi Everyone,

Our new smaller workshop is getting into a great groove now. Ellis and Lukasz have been joined by Jacob Somogye, who started with us two years ago. JR Hevron works remotely to handle our website and social media. I must confess that I am loving the smaller workshop and my wonderful crew. We will now be known as the Sadowsky NYC Workshop!

We will be building a maximum of 15 NYC basses a month, both custom builds and stock instruments.
We will continue building our NYC Guitars.
We will maintain our archtop production and will have a large selection of our new MetroLine basses from Germany (we expect the MetroLine basses this fall).

Swamp Ash remains in very limited supply right now, due to heavy rains and flooding down south. The lumber folks will not be able to get in to harvest Swamp Ash until the fall. You might have read that Fender is no longer using Swamp Ash for their production instruments. We will continue to contact every source we know to maintain enough Swamp Ash for our builds. Our supply of Red Alder and Okoume is fine.

I will be opening the vault to my special stash of Master Grade tops…..the best of the best material I have been putting away for years. These will appear on our Master Grade gallery as I have time to photograph them.

Thanks to JR and Ellis for a facelift to our website to make the site cleaner and easier to navigate. And a big thanks to both of them for creating a custom order page on the site. Here you can see all of the build options and prices so you can create the build of your dreams before you contact Ellis to finalize your order.

Our online store is almost closed. We will continue to sell our In-Stock instruments online. We will continue to sell our preamps until our current stock is gone. Pickguards for Sadowsky NYC, MetroLine and MetroExpress basses are being fabricated and sold by Pickguard Planet ( Resources for ordering replacement parts for Sadowsky instruments are here: Please continue to check the Discounts, Sales, and Closeouts section on our Online Store.

Due to the affect of COVID19 on our suppliers, Sadowsky Strings will not be available for purchase until late fall….hoping for November. They will be available at all Sadowsky dealers and online.

Ellis has been tweaking away at everything we make and how we make them, to raise the bar one more time, for Sadowsky instruments. Her motto is “Continuous Improvement”!

We are reaching the very end of our NYC Satin Series and Japanese MetroExpress basses. Please stay subscribed to our mailing list and check our Available Instruments page on a regular basis to grab one of these remaining basses.

Until next time…..thank you for your friendship and appreciation of our work at the Sadowsky NYC Workshop!

Stay safe and healthy.