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Rapper Post Malone and David Ellefson of Megadeth may seem like an odd-pairing, but not as odd as one would think. We found that out Wednesday, as Malone, along with his dad Rich Post, dropped by Ellefson’s weekly MORE NIGHTS WITH DE/TH livestream, with vocalist/partner Thom Hazaert (get it, DE.. TH), for an impromptu hour plus chat, where they discussed music, careers, and mutual admiration.

Post, a known Metal fan, and admitted Megadeth diehard (who actually sports a SO FAR, SO GOOD, SO WHAT tattoo that he showed off during the livestream) Ellefson, and Hazaert had a lot to talk about, covering topics from, of course, Megadeth, to living in Utah, Metallica, working with Ozzy, playing guitar, touring the World, Beer Pong, future collaborations, and of course Ellefson’s eponymous solo band (also featuring Hazaert, and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, and ASIA vocalist, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal) and their recently released cover of Post’s Beerbongs and Bentleys track “Over Now”, currently in its second week in the Billboard Rock radio charts, which Post proclaimed was “Fucking Awesome”.

The chat with Malone was preceded by an over 30 minute conversation with his dad, Rich Post, also a diehard Megadeth fan (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), discussing his Metal fandom, the Cowboys, supporting your kids’ artistic pursuits, and the organic beginnings of Post’s career.

“I’ve always been shilling for my kid“, said Rich. “To everyone at work, I’m like, “Hey check this out, Austin did it. So, it might get 500 views. And I’m like 500 views, wow, 500 people are listening to my kid. And then “White Iverson” came out, with the help of Wiz Khalifa, and some other folks in Dallas, a guy named Greg Mason, they tweeted it out, and next thing you know it’s got 1000 views. And then I said, wouldn’t it be great if it got to 5000 views. And I woke up the next morning, and it was at 100,000. And then it’s been a sprint to keep up with it for the last 5 years. He was opening for Fetty Wap, then Bieber. I can’t keep up with it. But I’m hoping that he opens up for you guys someday, then I’ll know he really made it.”

Also announced during the livestream, an upcoming limited edition yellow vinyl LP single of “Over Now”, available for pre-order Friday from COMBAT RECORDS, set to feature a B-side remix by legendary producer Randy Burns, who produced Megadeth’s seminal LP Peace Sells.. But Who’s Buying.