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Bassist and producer extraordinaire Rachel Loy (Carrie Underwood, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill) has teamed up with songwriter Clint Wells to form the duo Attention Machine. 

Today, the two have released their debut single titled "Get A Life." The track features Loy's vocals along with her bass and guitar playing and is the first track of many that they will be releasing monthly until the end of the year. 

Rachel explains, "Clint and I started writing 2 years ago and accidentally formed a band. Together we made something neither of us would’ve come up with alone. I’m so proud of this first single and love all of the incredible contributors."

Drums: @kevinrapillo
Keys and guitars: @clintwells
Bass and guitars: @rachel_m_loy
Mixing: @brad_lyons_
Mastering: @mosesmastering

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