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(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)

(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)

Today, singer-songwriter and keyboardist Rachel Eckroth released her latest heartrending ballad, “Ready Go.” The single debuted this morning at Under The Radar who called it, "a stunning tapestry of instrumentation united by Eckroth’s smoky vocals." The track comes from her forthcoming David Garza produced self-titled EP due May 21. 

Listen to the track: HERE

“Ready Go” captures the gravity of unrequited love. In discussing the meaning behind the lyrics Eckroth shared, “it's about wanting someone who doesn't really want you back - and being 100% okay with the person just using you.”

Eckroth collaborated and co-wrote "Ready Go" with drummer Tyler Greenwell (Tedeschi Trucks Band), which features guitarists Alex Nolan and Tim Lefebvre. Discussing the track's development, she notes, "Tyler sent the initial idea of the song to me. He’s so great at coming up with these fun, dark scenarios for songs that gets me inspired to go other directions. David Garza helped to shape the song's form and came up with the general bones. I added background vocals and Tim put some Fender 6 string bass to add depth to the bridge, and that's it! Song!”

“Ready Go” is the second single from the EP following the tranquil loving ode, “You’re The Only Thing.” The record showcases Eckroth’s amazing lyricism and harmonious compositions which can only be described as euphonious. 

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