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Desperate Love cover 1

The Pom Poms were born out of the minds of singer Jessie Payo and bassist/producer Billy Mohler. Both are California natives that have lived many lives in the music industry. Payo and Mohler have been back in the trenches with a new record that mirrors the chaos of the post apocalyptic 2020 year bringing sounds reminiscent of 90’s grunge to their 60’s throwback sound. This past September 2021 they released "Stoned and Lonely."

Their new single, "Desperate Love," which was produced and co-written by Mohler, has been released today on 2/22/22. The track's retro beach rock feel calls back to the greats of the '60s, as Payo's dreamy vocals float beautifully over the tight pocket of Mohler's bass and drum work.  

Says Mohler of the track, "I played my 1961 Seafoam Green Fender Precision through a 1964 Ampeg B15 on this track. Everything was recorded on tape at my studio in Long Beach. I also played drums, guitars, keyboards, and produced and mixed it. Nate Wood did the final mastering. We're thrilled to release this new song!" 

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