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Renowned bassist Pino Palladino and celebrated multi-instrumentalist and producer Blake Mills have unveiled a new live recording today of the track “Djurkel" from their upcoming collaborative album Notes With Attachments

Djurkel" is named after a one-stringed African instrument and developed from Palladino's attempts to recreate its sound: "I put a capo on my bass and just for fun was trying to get that sound. I put down three tracks of bass, left it for a while, and a bit later I used it as a loop and built it up from there." Mills came in and the two built the song up from there. "It’s just two guys with a profound respect for music that comes from that part of the world, who are inspired by it, and aren’t able to play it verbatim," he says. "We’re not making a naturalistic interpretation of West African music. It’s referential to things we love about it alongside stuff that is not from that tradition." That omnivorous approach touches every song on the record, which typically began with Palladino’s own melodic and rhythmic language and developed outward with references shared by the two musicians from West African and Cuban music, funk, jazz and English folk. 

Notes With Attachments is set for release March 12 via New Deal / Impulse! 

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