Shaun’s PJB models of choice are the Bass Cub Pro (BG-120), C2 speaker enclosures, Earbox Personal Monitor, and the PE-5 multi effects pedal. According to Shaun, “Hearing myself through a PJB amp for the first time was a revelation. It ceaselessly excites and inspires my playing.”


The feeling is mutual as Phil Jones affirms, “We are thrilled that Shaun has chosen PJB to articulate his imaginative playing and look forward to experiencing his creative inventiveness in the future”.

Established in 2002, PJB and AIRPULSE Guitar Amps are divisions of Phil Jones American Acoustic Development. PJB is dedicated to using the latest technology in the design of compact bass amps, combos, loudspeakers and effects pedals that achieve highest in fidelity and volume. Phil Jones owns several patents for loudspeaker technology.

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