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DD states, “It’s Halloween and Friday the 13th all within a 2 week must be time for a new Bronx Casket Co. release! “

The Bronx Casket Co. was founded by Overkill bassist and main songwriter DD Verni and released the self-titled “Bronx Caset Co.” on Massacre Records in 1999. It was followed up by “Sweet Home Transylvania” in 2001, “Hellectric” in 2005 and “Antihero” in 2011. The band is rounded out by guitarist Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches, Lizzy Borden), keyboardist Charlie Calv (Angel, Shotgun Symphony), drummer Tim Mallare (Overkill, M.O.D.) on the first 3 releases and Rob Pallota (25 ta Life) on the later, and originally fronted by Myke Hideous (The Misfits, Empire Hideous) on the first 3 albums with DD taking over vocals full time on Antihero.

This release is completely re-mastered by Alan Douches (The Misfits, Mastodon, etc…) and includes a bonus disc of early demos, unreleased remixes, a cover of The Misfits classic “Ghouls Night Out”, and a brand newly recorded mash up of the classic Black Sabbath tracks “The Writ/Megalomania” entitled “Sabatage-d”.

DD continues, “I'm so psyched to have the whole catalog in one spot. The four records were all so completely different yet part of the same idea, so seeing it all together is very cool. A bonus disc with demos and extra tracks, as well as all kinds of collectibles makes it something really unique. It was fun to get back with the guys to bang out the Black Sabbath Sabatage-d song too, felt almost like we never took a break. I get asked all the time if there will ever be another full length album....hey ya never know. “

This is limited to 500 copies with 100 being set aside for a special Friday the 13th bundle with some ghoulish merch, and your own personalized death certificate signed by Bronx Casket Co. founder DD Verni.

Get these (while supplies last), which can be ordered via:

Product Includes:
- One (1) THE BRONX CASKET CO. “The Complete Collection” CD Boxset
- One (1) THE BRONX CASKET CO. “The Complete Collection” T-Shirt
- One (1) THE BRONX CASKET CO. Coffin Patch
- One (1) THE BRONX CASKET CO. Signed & Personalized Death Certificate
- One (1) THE BRONX CASKET CO. Coffin Stress Toy

CD 1 Tracklist:
Who Lives Forever
Change the World
Mercy Ltd.
No Miracles
La Triste Verita
Vampire War
I Am God Here
Alone (Chanson Pour Les Immortels)
Jump in the Fire
The Bad Guy

CD 2 Tracklist:
Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The Other Me
Sewing The Dead
BCC / Sweet Home Transylvania
Black Valentine
Killing Mary Jane
Dead... For The Moment
Blue Collar Horror

CD 3 Tracklist:
Little Dead Girl
Everything I Got
Dream Of Angels
Bleed With Me
Let My People Go
Free Bird
In My Skin
Can't Stop The Rain
Mortician's Lullaby
Live For Death

CD 4 Tracklist:
You Look Like Hell
I Never Loved You Anyway
Holy Mother
I Am No One
Memphis Scarecrow
Selling My Soul
Death On Two Legs
Let Me Be Your Nightmare
NYC (Devils Playground)
My Way

CD 5 Tracklist:
Sabatage-d (Sabbath mash-up)
Free Bird (alt mix)
Sherimoon (remix)
Ghouls Night Out (unreleased)
Vampire War (demo)
No Miracles (demo)
Don’t Pray For Me (demo)