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Panic at the Disco bassist Nicole Row has just released a new single, "Headspace," that she wrote and recorded with the help of some talented musician friends in 2020. Nicole takes on bass, vocals, and production on the groove-filled track, which is her debut as a solo artist. 

As Nicole explains it, "A quarantine-inspired bass line from early on in 2020 got this song all going. I finally had all the time to just do whatever I wanted creatively which I haven't had since I was young. with help from some wonderful musicians, we now have Headspace. I hope you love the vibe!"

Bass, Vocals and Production - Nicole Row 

Sax, Keys and Production - Alekos Syropoulos 

Guitar - Kyle Barnett Trumpet - Gabe Steiner 

Drums - Efa Etoroma 

Mastering - Will Borza Album 

Art - Holly McMurtry

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