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“The hills is where we go... find who we are again... Nothing to lose... no distractions to ease the suffering... surviving with our conversations with God... we were both in a toxic wasteland... where do we go from here... to the hills.”

“This is a public service announcement issued to humans. There has been an outbreak of lost humans looking for there soul. Symptoms include confusion, heartbreak, chronic crying, suicidal thoughts, and unfortunately death. Please we advise you to quickly go to the hills to heal.”

Featured guest musicians/artists:

She'Chinah - vocals on "Wish Our Party Would've Last"

Lawrencia aka FatSnacka - vocal monologue on "Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills"

Sam Porter aka RetroPMas - drums on "Wish Our Party Would've Last"

IMAKEMADBEATS - drum programming on "Going Cold Turkey From Your Touch"

Sean Wright - production on "Live, Learn, Bye and Fly [Remix]" and "The Sunken Place Instrumental"

Get MonoNeon's album: HERE