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MonoNeon has returned with his 21st solo album titled Banana Peel On Capitol Hill. Kicking off the year with a bang, Mono's Banana Peel was released on January 4th, and is his fourth studio LP that he's released in the last two years. The prolific funk star exhibits his best work yet on the new record, which features guest collaborators with AWFM rapping on “Gentrified Chickkken Tearing Down Your Neighborhood", Sam “RetroPMas” Porter drumming on “Find The Gold”, and Nicholas Semrad playing additional synths on “Slipping On A Banana Peel"

"Banana Peel On Capitol Hill” album was recorded in early/mid 2020. The first two songs MonoNeon wrote for the album was “Am I Trippin” and “Breathing While Black” (a song written after George Floyd’s passing). MonoNeon’s vocal styling on some of the original songs is a combination of the soul singer Johnnie Taylor with Frank Zappa’s quirkiness.

Mono's virtuosic playing and humorous commentary come to light on songs like “Gentrified Chickkken” and “Uglybeautiful,” and "Breathing While Black." Exploring new harmonic territory while still delivering the head-nodding grooves that he's known for, Mono has etched his next chapter as a songwriter and player with the new 9-song release. 

Listen to the album: HERE