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The award-winning band Megadeth who formed in 1983 are one of the most acclaimed metal acts of all time, with career spanning 35 years and having sold over 38 million records worldwide. Over the band’s illustrious career they have notched up 5 platinum albums, 7 top ten albums and after 11 nominations they won a coveted Grammy® Award in 2017 for the title track from their album Dystopia.

Megadeth is one of the few bands from the 1980s American underground metal scene to have achieved mass commercial success. Along with contemporaries Metallica and Slayer, Megadeth is regarded as one of the core founding groups of thrash metal. Their incredible catalogue of fifteen studio albums, five live albums and six compilations albums has seen them tour the globe for over three decades, earning them one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases in the metal world.

On February 15, 2019 the band will release and reissue two of their iconic records with 2001’s The World Needs A Hero and 2004’s The System Has Failed through BMG.

The World Needs A Hero is the ninth studio album by U.S. thrash metal band Megadeth. Originally released in May 2001 the album was critically acclaimed as a return to a heavier musical direction for the band and charted at number 16 in the Billboard 200 upon release. It received positive reviews across the music press and it gained comparison to the bands classic albums Rust In Peaceand Countdown To Extinction.


1. Disconnect

2. The World Needs A Hero

3. Moto Psycho

4. 1000 Times Goodbye

5. Burning Bridges

6. Promises

7. Recipe For Hate…Warhorse

8. Losing My Senses

9. Dread And The Fugitive Mind

10.Silent Scorn

11.Return to Hangar


13.Coming Home (CD Bonus Track)

- The full album has been newly remastered by Ted Jensen (Guns N’ Roses, Mastodon, Machine Head and Trivium).

- Includes rare live bonus track “Coming Home” on the CD and digital versions.

- 1time ever on vinyl in North America.

- CD has been out of print for 5 years.

The System Has Failed is U.S. thrash metal titans Megadeth’s tenth studio albumwhich was originally released in September 2004. Following the direction set by its predecessor The World Needs A Hero it headed further into the bands thrashier past and was a hit amongst fans and critics alike. Debuting at number 18 on the Billboard charts, the album received positive reviews across the board stating it as vital and solid.


1. Blackmail The Universe

2. Die Dead Enough

3. Kick The Choir

4. The Scorpion

5. Tears In A Vial

6. I Know Jack

7. Back in The Day

8. Something That I’m Not

9. Truth Be Told

10. Of Mice and Men

11. Shadow of Deth

12. My Kingdom

13. Time / Use The Man (Live) (CD Bonus Track)

14. Conjuring (Live) (CD Bonus Track)

- Includes rare live bonus tracks “Time/Use The Man’ and ‘Conjuring” on the CD and digital versions.

- 1time ever on vinyl in North America.

- CD has been out of print for 5 years.