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Known for his playing in A Perfect Circle, Poppy, The Beta Machine, Puscifer, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Eagles of Death Metal, bassist Matt McJunkins has just released his debut solo album, Soundtrack For No One. The 9-track LP was all written, recorded, produced, edited, and mastered by McJunkins in a two year span between March 2020 and March 2022 at Secret Hand Studios. McJunkins also played all of the instruments on the album, which includes bass, guitar, piano, synth, drums, and programming. 


Oscillating from driving, synth-fueled burners like "Development," "Entrails," "A Pleasure to Burn," and "Thunder" to euphoric modern orchestrations like "Forgiveness," "Fields," and "Last Bastion," the album exhibits a cohesiveness even while rapidly shifting between moods. And while McJunkins admits that overall the record doesn't contain much of his electric bass playing that he's become so revered for, there's no shortage of low frequencies, or any frequencies across the sonic spectrum for that matter. 

Soundtrack serves as an impressive debut album by a seasoned rocker that shows that he can cover all bases, even if bass isn't the main spotlight of his compositions. And as with everything that McJunkins does musically, we're excited to see where he takes his playing next. 

Watch the official video for "A Pleasure to Burn" here:

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