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It appeared to be a normal weekend, nothing special to do except trying to keep work under control because when you enjoy your job, you really never stop even if you try sometimes... but then we received an email that changed our day... an email that has given two “over 50” boys like Marco and Riccardo a true emotional shake that is even hard to describe. 

We kept reading the name of the sender over and over while the sound of magical notes of "Lessons In Love" and "Something About You", as well as "Dune Tune" and "Lying Still" were playing in our heads... absolutely astonished because when you have always been a fan of Level 42 and you receive an email from Mark King, believe us, it is a real special feeling and if he actually asks to become part of our Markbass family, then our emotions just reached levels that words cannot describe. 

We knew that Mark had a Markbass head for many years and that he would usually take it with him as a spare during festivals. We never mentioned this publically due to a form of respect and the style of business that distinguishes us but now we can announce our honor and pleasure to have him part of our family! We immediately exchanged some emails while he was travelling back from Quebec then followed up with a telephone nice conversation.
We had sent him our new Little Mark Vintage with a standard 104HR. We were confident that he would appreciate our last Markbass jewel but receiving this feedback is even more exciting:
“Say hello to my new studio rig. It’s the new Little Mark Vintage Gold Line head, and it sounds amazing. Loads of punch, and bags of tone. I’m a very happy boy, and can’t wait to get it out on the road. Thank you Marco.”

Markbass is no doubt one of the most important brands in the world and there are some that may believe that our collaborations with top-players are based on strong marketing strategies, negotiations, contracts etc... but very simply these are driven by emotions and passion, the features, our features that take us by the hand the first day we start and lead us always!

It appeared to be a normal weekend... but it turned into something special… Welcome Mark!