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British rock band KING CRIMSON is the subject of an anticipated new feature documentary titled “In the Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson at 50”, which is releasing in select U.S. theaters on October 19th and getting a worldwide one-night-only digital event release on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2022, to follow its world premiere at SXSW in March. Check out the Official 

Directed by Toby Amies (The Man Whose Mind Exploded), “In the Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson at 50” began as a straightforward documentary about the cult rock band King Crimson as it turned 50, and became an inspiring and humorous exploration of time, death, family, and the transcendent power of music to change lives.

“This elegant, intimate, funny and surprisingly moving film covers every aspect of the group — from its thorny interpersonal history to the almost religious loyalty it inspires in fans — and lays out exactly what makes Crimson such a singular and enduring musical force.” - Rolling Stone

“…really about as good as rock documentaries get" - VARIETY

King Crimson have always pioneered their own uncompromisingly independent route, and this documentary, 4 years in the making, has followed the same path with a one-night-only worldwide theatrical release (theater list can be found HERE) and a live worldwide digital event, which will be introduced by Robert Fripp and followed by a Q&A with Fripp and band members. 

Fans can tune in via the platform HERE or view On Demand for a 24 hour period thereafter.

"A grown-up film about working players living, dying, laughing, playing...” - Robert Fripp.

‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ is not only a film about a group that has been creatively active for 50 years. It’s a film about music, why it matters, and the painful sacrifices artists have to make in order to create work that changes people’s lives, but with jokes.

ABOUT King Crimson

KING CRIMSON was formed in the Fulham Palace Café on January 13th 1969. The album In The Court of The Crimson King was released on 10th October 1969. Over the following 53 years, the band has constantly re-invented itself. Having reformed in 2014 the most recent line-up featured Robert Fripp (guitar), Mel Collins (saxophones & flute), Tony Levin (bass, stick and backing vocals), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar & vocals), Bill Rieflin (keyboards), and drummers Gavin Harrison, Pat Mastelotto and Jeremy Stacey – who doubles on keyboards.