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New York City-based band Juice formed in Boston when the members met during their freshman year in college. Seven unique personalities united over their shared experiences and in turn, embraced their diverse upbringings to create a distinctively Juice soundscape. Built upon a sonic fusion of pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop all, Juice's music incorporates insightful narratives that wrestle with the notions of despondency, unrequited love, and self-acceptance.

Today Juice shares their new single “Make Pretend,” a song that ranges from something in vein of an apathetic Julian Casablancas to early 2000s alt-rock and pop-punk territory. Juice kicks off the track with the lyric, “I’ve been hiding under covers from my nightmares,” a statement associated with the fearfulness of leaving your own bedroom. The group tackles themes of anxiety, self-doubt, and sheer desperation as someone’s world is falling apart in a second. “Make Pretend” attempts to balance optimism and instability as we try to make peace with who we used to be.

Here’s what Juice had to say about the new single:
"'Make Pretend' is an anxiety riddled daydream about the process of lost love. The narrative inside the character’s head swings quickly between sporadic confidence and optimism and an inability to deal with life outside of his bedroom. From the start, the song took on the energy of the early 2000s alternative rock of our childhoods. You know, like 1994 Green Day meets 2004 Green Day."

The release of "Make Pretend" follows Juice's previous 2020 singles "Konoha" and “DiCaprio (Love Me All the Time)." “Konoha” exemplifies self-growth as it relates to navigating through the pain associated with romance and friendships. Traversing the intersections of different genres, Juice made “Konoha” an emotional exploration rather than a formal sonic experiment. “DiCaprio (Love Me All the Time)" gathered inspiration from late ‘90s/early 2000’s pop, hip-hop, and boy bands while the music video takes cues from past media of the band's childhood.

The band is comprised of Ben Stevens (vocals), Christian Rose (violin, vocals), Kamau Burton (vocals, acoustic guitar), Daniel Moss (guitar), Michael Ricciardulli (guitar), Rami El-Abidin (bass), and Miles Clyatt (drums). After graduating Boston College in 2018, Juice released their first EP, 2018’s Workin’ on Lovin’. With the new music and two old minivans, the band hit the road for an almost non-stop year and a half of national touring. They released their follow-up EP you are simply magnificent last summer. Across 114k Spotify monthly listeners, the band has accumulated 6+ million streams and has been featured on Nu-Funk, Retro Drive, and Ready for the Day playlists. 

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