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Bassist Jordan Brooks Ex-Poets, Albert Hammond Jr, Lulu, Rubblebucket, Roosevelt) has returned with a new single from his duo Ex-Poets. The new track is one of 8 songs that will be released over the span on the next several months. 

As brooks explains, "Romantix is an impressionistic, psychedelic song set in the outer reaches of space. A kind of dreamscape conversation between the narrator and his now distant lover. You can hear drum and additional production contributions from Tae Beast (who I met during a two month recording session with Schoolboy Q in late 2020)." 

Ex-poets forthcoming singles and subsequent album, Dust, were made largely during quarantine, remotely, between Brooks’ home base of Los Angeles and Killalea’s home in Virginia. The duo sent snippets of musical ideas back and forth, recording, arranging and piecing together what would become a collage of songs that they felt sounded cohesive and new. These songs are a collection grown out of the isolation of the pandemic, that thematically convey a sense of calm and hopefulness. Dust is about the idea that from where we came, we will eventually all return; and that there is a beautiful common humanity and substance humming beneath the surface of all beings on this planet. So let’s not take our time here for granted, for it is short and precious. We’d invite you to take a listen. You might hear a dreamy tenderness throughout, the abstractions of psychedelia and a shared love of head-nodding music.

Brooks is a bass player primarily, and handles the majority of the production and Killalea does most of the singing. Between the two of them, along with some choice collaborator producer and musician friends, they were able to put together a sonic universe that feels uniquely their own. 

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