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Originally released in 2010, Segue Records is re-releasing Jon Reshard's eponymous album. The record features performances from drummer Dave Weckl (Chick Corea) and and guitarist Greg Howe.

Songs like "Number One," Hyde," and "Save it" display electrifying performances, feel, and dizzying technique from the trio. Rehard's impressive bass arrangement of Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman" leaves nothing to be desired. 

Jon Reshard isn’t just a talented musician and producer – he also happens to be Al Reshard’s son and trusted music partner. The pair has collaborated closely for years, coming together once more to co-produce Al’s debut solo album, “Behind Bars.” 

A musical powerhouse, Jon has worked alongside industry greats like Prince, All-4-One, Wayne Brady, and Greg Howe. He has performed/Recorded/Produced with Bob Mintzer, Will Kennedy, Frank Gambale, Gloria Trevi, Steve Vai, Tony Royster Jr (Jay-Z), Lionel Forrester Jr (Randy Brecker), and a host of others. Jon Is currently producing All-4-Ones's re-release of "I Swear" (David Foster) 25th anniversary, His groups "Vigilant", debut release and several high profile Asian artists. and working on Wayne Brady's sophomore project. Jon writes for Universal and Warner Chappell hill as a writer/producer. Jon has also produced music for the “That’s so Raven” reboot (Disney). Like his father, Jon dove into music at a young age. And by the time he was 14, he landed an endorsement deal, propelling him into the music scene.

Not long after, Jon earned the title of world class bassist at only 20 years old, but his talent doesn’t stop there. In fact, the secret to his success might just lie in his sheer musical versatility. Jon works comfortably within different sounds, from jazz fusion to R&B, and even K-Pop.

With every project, Jon brings a unique perspective cultivated by years of industry experience and an understanding of music that just comes naturally. It’s hard to explain something you’ve understood your whole life. For Jon, whose music “career” began at age five, this statement rings true every day.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jon dedicates his days to collaboration with artists and the production of his own albums. Known for his “killer solos” and “varied, intriguing musical arrangements,” Jon and his album bring life to the fusion style.

Jon and Al have bonded over their love of music since Jon was just a boy, and that natural ease comes through on each and every track of the co-produced “Behind Bars.”

Purchase the album: Here