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Join many of the top bass players in the universe as they travel through the Bass Line Continuum.

Although people enter the bass-playing continuum at different times, their stories are comparable. Players study their influences, hone their skills, and endeavour to find a style of their own. The trek can be long and frustrating but can also be very rewarding. It is important to stay positive and enjoy the ride!
Featuring: Bryan Beller, Matt Bissonette, Rich Brown, Scott Devine, Mark Egan, Damian Erskine, Matthew Garrison, John Goldsby, Jonathan Herrera, Jerry Jemmott, Percy Jones, Dave LaRue, Jon Liebman, Michael Manring, Jonathan Maron, Christian McBride, Edgar Meyer, Marcus Miller, Meshell Ndegeocello, Adam Nitti, John Patitucci, Rufus Reid, Billy Sheehan, Lee Sklar, Derek Smalls, Rhonda Smith, Steve Swallow and Doug Wimbish.
With Special Guests: Alissia Benveniste, Richard Bona, Alain Caron, Stanley Clarke, Mike Downes, Ed Friedland, Stuart Hamm, Mark King and Tony Levin.

"In these pages you'll find a sense of passion for the bass. You'll find inspiring words from masters who have dedicated their lives to this journey. You'll get sage advice in how to work smarter and reach your goals." - Michael Manring

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