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MADE NOW MUSIC presents 'Vegetable Bass': the creative output of Svoboda’s time abroad, eloquently highlighting her unique vision with which she views the world. Hailing her favourite food group, the music pays tribute to Mother Nature and its culinary offerings - expressed vastly through sound.

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On her debut solo album, Helen Svoboda showcases a newfound passion for the intricate combination of the overtone series and the human voice.

‘With a deep awareness of extra-musical concepts that shape inventive improvisation, and great art.. ‘(Steve Newcomb, AUS), she draws influence mainly from vegetables, flowers and the genres of minimalist neo-classical music to folk and experimental jazz. With a steadfast ‘desire and ability to create and perform original music’ (Rafael Karlen, AUS), Svoboda has developed a distinctive sound across many different musical avenues. Pursuing a passion for unusual combinations of instrumentation, she is defined not by genre, but by her addiction to music and her love of exciting creative environments (both plant and non-plant related).

Fueled by strange sonic frequencies, Svoboda has released albums across a substantial number of her own original projects to date: her debut solo release Vegetable Bass (Released June 2020); Ambient, environmentally-themed alternative rock band/2019 QLD Jazz Music Award Winners The Biology of Plants (QLD Jazz Music Award Winners 2019; Vol. 2 - Art as Catharsis 2019); The debut album of Meatshell, her experimental-folk duo with saxophonist Andrew Saragossi (winners of Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020; 'Afar' - Made Now Music 2019); minimalist chamber trio Helen Svoboda's Sprout (‘Hectic Moon’ 2018 & 'Sleep Architecture' 2019 - SuperSonic); AHA Trio's debut album ('Against All Odds' 2019), EP of her newly established duo Moon on Fire with Finnish vocalist Selma Savolainen, 'Banff Sessions' (2020).

Svoboda has also featured on albums across a range of other projects: she was recently invited as a special guest as part of Sebastian Gramss' Hard Boiled Wonderland (2020) in which she composed and performed a spoken-word piece about the Australian Bushfires; Niran Dasika's Assorted Drones(2020); Caleb Colledge’s folk/spoken word album Yarns (2018); and a number of improvised trios including an upcoming collaborative release with Melbourne pianist Joseph O’Connor (Aus National Jazz Award Winner) and Timothy Green (drums).