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Frescia Belmar is an international bassist, singer-songwriter, and educator. Her creativity, intuition, musicality and virtuosic playing secured her place as one of the most acclaimed musicians on the scene today. Outstanding and known for her unique sound, tight groove, sophisticated articulation, melodic and chordal playing, refined harmonies and solos, Frescia moves effortlessly across all musical genres. Career highlights include performances and recordings with: Anita Tijoux, Mike Stern, Herbie Hancock, Janelle Monáe, Cartoon Network and countless others. 

Now Frescia has released her first instructional book, B4SSICS, Vol 1: Warmup & Technique. 

The quality of your technique determines the level of freedom you’ll have to execute your musical ideas. No one knows this better than world-renowned bassist Frescia.

The first volume of the B4SSICS series, WARM UP AND TECHNIQUE, will help you unlock dexterity, articulation, speed, and most importantly, finger independence. The book is available in both English and Spanish versions. Become a master of your technique through strength and dexterity-building exercises written in both music notation and TAB, from the simplest of beginner drills to complex advanced combinations. Let B4SSICS: WARM UP AND TECHNIQUE help guide your musical journey and become a staple in your practice routine.  

Purchase The Book: Here & Here