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"Minute To Forever" by Freekbass is an instrumental track with an interesting history. D’Addario Strings were releasing a new line of bass strings and asked a few artists to create tracks for a bass cd-sampler, really highlighting the bass. Freekbass took that to heart, producing a track made up entirely of bass (minus drums), layering bassline upon bassline. The song started getting traction, being featured in places such as MTV, who picked it up as bumper music for their show, "Pimp My Ride". Guitarist, Buckethead began using the track for his theme-music during his breakdancing with nunchucks segment of his live show. "Minute To Forever" has consistently remained one of Freekbass' Top 5 streamed songs.


Jump ahead to 2020, with musicians working more out of their the studios vs the road. Freekbass reconnected with a DJ friend, Tobotius, who he once toured with as the Funtronica duo, FreekBot. Tobotius, who is currently lead engineer for Bootsy Collins, had asked Freekbass to lay down some bass for a track he was producing. In turn, Freekbass asked Tobotius to do a remix of one of his tracks. The resulting offspring is "Minute To Forever (The Tobotius Remix)", reborn with turntables and the distinct Tobotius production, and fresh bass-lines which Freekbass tracked on top of the original. 

Freekbass shared the finished track with world renowned super-artist, BossLogic, from Melbourne, Australia. Freekbass has been a longtime fan of BossLogic's iconic masterpieces, featured by the Marvel/DC/Star Wars franchises. BossLogic bestowed Freekbass with the cover art for the new single, providing epic imagery for the new track. Freekbass, not one to be shy with visuals, collaborated with Tobotius for the accompanying music video, created and directed by Angie Wilson. Wilson drew inspiration from the BossLogic cover art and the track's hypnotic rhythm. Check out "Minute To Forever (The Tobotius Remix)" here:

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