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Los Angeles rock band Yard Of Blondes are releasing their debut album “Feed The Moon” On May 19, 2021. The album was produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), mixed by Michael Patterson (Nine Inch Nails), and mastered by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More).

Yard Of Blondes was first remarked in 2013 by Rodney Bingenheimer, legendary KROQ DJ, then made many appearances on national television in France. The 4 singles, already released, off the album, You and I & I”, “Lowland”, Do you need more?” and Hummingbird” are played worldwide on FM and Sirius radio stations. 

Photo by Victoria Smith

Photo by Victoria Smith

Yard Of Blondes is composed of Vincent Jacob (vocals/guitar), Fanny Hill (bass/vocals), Burak Yerebakan (guitar), and Forrest Mitchell (drums/vocals), and they all look forward to touring soon.

For the release of “Feed The Moon”, the band will play the full album in livestream, from the Firewater Studios, in Los Angeles, where it was recorded, with Billy Graziadei (Biohazard) on Saturday, May 22.

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Photo by Victoria Smith

Photo by Victoria Smith

About Bassist Fanny Hill

Fanny Hill is a multi-talented artist and creative, who holds a long and successful musical career. From European champion of organ in France, to Grammy member music professional, she was noticed by famous manager, Simon Fuller, as a teenager and became the bassist of rock band Yard Of Blondes, in Los Angeles. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, Fanny Hill was born in France and travelled throughout the world her whole life, driven by her love for music, arts, cultures, food, languages and adventure.

Fanny Hill started playing the organ when she was 5 years old, and was rapidly noticed for her talent. She participated in local competitions and when she turned 12 years old, she qualified for nationals and then European’s competitions. Her hometown friends and family were proud to see her win the finals in Limerick, Ireland, and her international achievement was featured all over the local news. 

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Fanny Hill was always interested in music technicalities, theory and instruments. She played the saxophone, the flute, the drums, the piano and the guitar as experiments to music sounds and sensations.

She founded her first band when she was 16 years old with high school friends. She was the lead singer and drummer, and together they covered rock songs and played their first shows in south of France back in 2000. That’s when she was noticed by famous British manager Simon Fuller (Spice Girls, S Club 7...). Simon had projects for her, but their collaboration didn’t lead to anything concrete.

“Simon said I wasn’t ready, and that I needed to be more confident. I couldn’t make sense of it back then. But he was definitely right. His decision was to preserve me.”

To make up for her first disappointment in the music world, Fanny Hill started writing and composing her first songs.

A few years later, Fanny Hill released her first punk solo album “Bless This Mess”, with producer George Leibovitz.

In 2008, Fanny Hill moved to London, UK, in search of new inspiration. Her experience wasn’t what she expected. She met musicians and dated a drummer who turned out to be a narcissistic pervert who turned off Fanny’s joy and creativity.

I was never able to compose music ever again after this destructive relationship, and I wanted to give up music and performing all together, even after taking the courage to leave the guy. ”

With nothing left to lose, and in need to rebuild herself, Fanny Hill went to Los Angeles, California in 2010. There, she wanted to enjoy the sun and envision her future without music...

But her plan didn’t go as she planned. She met another French unexpectedly, Vincent Jacob. They had similar backgrounds, interests and tastes in music. He convinced Fanny to play one last show, with him, in Los Angeles. The show took place in Melrose, in a gallery, a week after they met. The attraction was undeniable and the two founded the band Yard Of Blondes, as a folk duet. 

It was also the beginning of their love story. Fanny and Vincent toured California together and got married in Joshua Tree, CA, in 2012.

2013 was a turning point, as they released their first electric EP “Murderology” as a full band. The EP was well received by the press and the radio stations worldwide.

Despite the line-up changes, Fanny and Vincent pursued their American dream with their band, and lived incredible experiences together. From playing with their idols to having their first appearances on national television, they never stopped creating and releasing music.

Although classically trained, Fanny Hill is for the most part a self-made artist and professional in the many fields and music projects she’s been involved in and she’s never afraid to start from scratch, learn and accomplish new challenges as she grows. That’s how she became the bassist of Yard Of Blondes...

Until 2017, she played keyboard in the band, and when the bassist left Yard Of Blondes, Fanny Hill convinced the rest of the band she was up to the task, even though she has no experience on the bass, and an album to record with producer Billy Graziadei, founder of the legendary hardcore band Biohazard. Her passion and her love for this instrument led her to practice for countless hours, days and nights, for months, and proved that she was the best bassist Yard Of Blondes ever had!

The bass turned out to be her true instrument and a key element to Yard Of Blondes’ upcoming album “Feed The Moon” (to be released May 19th 2021).