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Minor Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Evan Marien’s bass practice book Major Hexatonic Vol 1. This exercise book is filled with over 10 years of carefully crafted patterns that are centered around his unique hexatonic technique, specifically how he approaches playing a Minor Hexatonic scale and how to develop your vocabulary from the scale.

Presented in six parts, this book features minor hexatonic scales through their endless and surprising uses. The chapter on minor hexatonic permutations will especially help push yourself to the next level in your technique, ability, and musicianship by focusing on unique left-hand fingering patterns used by Evan himself.

The hexatonic ideas in this book come in bass clef standard notation with fingering markings and TAB, making it the perfect exercise guide for bass players of all genres and abilities. If you own Major Hexatonics Vol 1. then this is the perfect companion book to help push your hexatonic knowledge even further.

  • 48 pages of Minor Hexatonic lines and melodic patterns
  • Includes Mp3s for audio playback
  • Includes Guitar Pro 7 files for visual and audio playback

Purchase the Book: Here