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ESS SEE confronts darkness and seeks better days in her latest single, “A Better Home” out October 23, 2020. The song is ESS SEE’s second self-produced single recorded in Brooklyn, NY during the quarantine of 2020. ESS SEE says, “‘A Better Home’ is about living through tough times and the subsequent search for wisdom and truth has to come before things can ever turn around. It’s about the sometimes painful process of becoming more self aware, and the search for courage, hope, and love to keep going in spite of the obstacles we are all facing.”  

Bassist Mitch Friedman, who contributed bass on the track, had this to say, “As soon as I heard the first demo of “A Better Home,” I freaked out and demanded that I play bass on it, whether Sarah (ESS SEE) wanted me to or not. I loved it. I could hear several different sounds potentially happening, so I brought both my ‘61 P bass with La Bella .045-.105 flats and my ‘57 Gibson EB with La Bella .049-.109 flats and plugged into my trusty Trickfish Minnow DI pedal. While I usually go for the P-bass sound, I felt like the tone of the Gibson was perfect for the vibe of the song. After a great first pass of playing super spacey and simple, Sarah suggested I think more of a “70s Shaft walking down the street” kind of vibe. I was shocked since that wasn’t the vibe I was hearing at all. That's why it is always cool working with artists, getting into their heads and trying to decipher what they’re really going for. So I did my best attempt at what I thought she wanted, and she loved it! I really hope people enjoy this song as much as I do!”

A Better Home

“A Better Home” is an evolution of ESS SEE’s past electro-pop stylings. The combination of pedal steel (played by Dan Iead) and the collective choir of voices throughout the song gives a nod to the artist’s Arkansas roots—and evokes a grittier nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of popular American music of the late 60’s into the 70’s (think Crosby Stills Nash and Young or even Fleetwood Mac).

ESS SEE is Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sarah Cobb. Cobb began creating demos in 2009 alone in her bedroom at night—honing in on uniquely addictive and seductive melodies often featuring themes of identity, intimacy, and femininity. Embracing lyrical influences St. Vincent, Emily Haines, Carole King, Jenny Lewis, Janelle Monae and Lana Del Rey—ESS SEE delivers a heightened sense of vulnerability and intimacy in her songwriting. Her rich, often theatrical, live performances engage audiences with eye-popping costumes, humor, and an electric presence. Her debut EP, “Ordinary Woman” was released in 2017 followed by her 2019 debut album, “Waiting For The Sky To Fall.” 2020 has seen ESS SEE emerge as a producer with single releases “Overdrive” and “A Better Home.”

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