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Melbourne progressive instrumental trio The Omnific - featuring the unique line-up of two bass players and a drummer - have streamed their exhilarating new single 'Antecedent', featuring Clay Gober, bassist of Polyphia

Bassist Matthew Fackrell comments: "True to the definition of 'Antecedent', we looked to create a vintage style of music video, taking inspiration from the story of Sherlock Holmes. With the addition of paintings and artist utensils, coupled with the easel used, it allowed for Clay to be featured in a unique and appropriate manner. To the eagle-eyed viewer, an Easter egg is hidden within the music video too."

Clay Gober says: "I had such a wicked good time working on this. It’s the first guest part I’ve ever done so I had to run it through about 100 refinement steps, just out of the desire to make it kick as much ass as possible. But on the other hand, some of the more key parts of it came pretty quick (which to me is the mark of a good song). Grateful to have been given such a fun project during quarantine, and by such a talented group of guys."

After releasing three stunning EPs the band have attracted interest and fans from all corners of the globe clocking in over 5 million Spotify streams and 2 million views on their Youtube channel. The Omnific’s accessible style is for all music lovers; from those seeking to be challenged to those who wish to be blanketed by atmosphere, creating an identifiable sound and diverse international fan base. With swirling textures, syncopation, euphoric highs and melancholic lows;, The Omnific are truly captivating.

The band have established working relationships with reputable companies Darkglass Electronics, Neural DSP and Dingwall Guitars, seeing them represent the brands with performances at the Melbourne Guitar Show, bringing attention amongst the ‘Gear-Nerd’ community. Coupled with their online play-through, gear demo and music videos, the band’s reach is beyond what many would expect from this impressive Melbourne trio so early in their career.

They are also no stranger to the live circuit with a stack of domestic and international touring under their belt, having toured with Between the Buried and Me (Australian Tour) Cog (Sold Out Australian Tour), Intervals & Sithu Aye (European Tour), several of their own headline Australian tours as well as supporting Ne Obliviscaris, Galactic Empire, Circles and others.

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